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Today's Challenges For Recognising Critical Details In

Fox Sports 1's 'Lock It In' leads rise of gambling TV shows

"Lock It In" wants to capture the attention of bettors by getting in early and on the vast platform of Fox Sports 1's 83.3 million homes. Five years after its creation, the channel is up to 11 hours of daily live programming with an emphasis on sports talk and opinion, and its first gambling show complements the vibe of its other programming. Bonnetta, who gleefully described her three panelists as gambling "degenerates" during the debut episode, hosts the show in Los Angeles. While "Lock It In" intersperses its betting analysis with interviews, it's also a trash-talking game show of sorts, built around a segment in which the three panelists use virtual money to make daily "bets," leading to the crowning of a weekly champion. "It's incredible that we're able to have a show that's the first of its kind covering gambling, but I think that even if you were not a gambler, you'd enjoy this show," said Bonnetta, a neophyte sports bettor who sees herself as a surrogate for viewers who aren't yet degenerate gamblers.

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